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1 CPU Core
20 GB Storage
$6.00 / month

VPS vBox 1
1 CPU Core
40 GB Storage
$13.00 / month

VPS vBox 3
2 CPU Cores
80 GB Storage
$21.00 / month

What Indeed are VPSs?

A VPS is a virtual machine configured on a physical server, which allows persons to maintain their own web server to host web site content. It offers a perfect balance between price and performance, so it is often the preferred choice for more resource-absorbing web portals that cannot be hosted on a shared hosting platform. Since a few people maintain their own personal VPS accounts on the same physical server, all resources can be availed of, which decreases the cost per person. Each VPS comes with root access, which permits individuals to install any software programs or script libraries that may be demanded for some web apps to operate.

Positive Aspects of the VPS Hosting Service

The upside of possessing a VPS is that it is totally autonomous from the remaining VPS server hosting accounts on the physical server. It can be restarted, updated, and can even come with a different Operating System than those of the rest of the virtual server hosting accounts on that physical server. It is essentially like a dedicated web hosting server, but a virtual private web server costs only a fraction of the price of a dedicated hosting machine.

Limitations of the VPS Hosting Solution

Each VPS plan includes certain web storage space, bandwidth and central processing unit load limits. The Virtual Server distributors are offering various plans so each user can get the most applicable package for their demands. A less advanced virtual private hosting server may be used to keep one website, while a more advanced one would be a more suitable platform for storing a bouquet of sites and not bothering about system resources. We are one of the top web hosting distributors and we are delivering a selection of VPS plans.

website hosting Control Panel Alternatives: Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and so on

The textual, visual and aural content on a VPS web hosting server is administered via a website hosting CP just as any other shared hosting package. This may be the hosting Control Panel that the hosting service firm is providing, or any other web hosting CP that the customer installs - Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, etc. All web site files, electronic mails, databases and domain names can be administered via the web hosting Control Panel, and certain user interfaces also include a number of levels of management - master reseller, reseller, user, etc. This unlocks lots of possibilities for business as the Virtual Private Server owners can resell web hosting services or have resellers of their own. More competent persons can handle everything via a Secure Shell terminal as well.

VPS Hosting - a Budget and Dependable Service

A key feature of the VPS package are the so-called "burstable" system resources. If a concrete website is generating substantial server load or approaches the quota at a certain time, supplementary resources are allotted to this Virtual Private Server if they are present on the physical machine. This hugely helps to keep all sites online and makes the virtual hosting server a stable and reliable web hosting environment.

A VPS - The Proper Choice When You Demand More System Resources

A Virtual Private Server is a perfect choice for well known sites that need lots of resources. It is sufficiently robust but simultaneously it is much more inexpensive than a dedicated web hosting. At MyGreatHost we supply a set of different plans, upgrading from one to the other is also easy and no site movement will be required, hence there will be no downtime as far as the domain names that are hosted on the virtual private hosting server are concerned. The management is not much different than that of a shared website hosting user account, but the performance is much better as far as dependability and speed are concerned.